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Welcome to FlyinVRsim.

My story

Virtual Reality The door into a new dimension

Never interested in PC or console gaming, with the first introduction of VR, a new dimension opened up into unknown worlds, accessible directly from my living room.

The years past and 4k high-end VR headsets emerged, presenting 170 degree of field of view with improving clarity. SiFy games gave me the idea of building an escape room on the premises of the guest house I run with my partner. Birchwood Guest Lodge.  Pictures below show what became home of Fly in VR Sim. The latest flight simulator software, MSFS2020 - with its amazing photorealism, real weather conditions, live or set to own preferences, and VR functionality - got me to offer you an introduction to the world of aviation in virtual reality.

You have to experience it because it is beyond any imagination.

I am happy to give advice for purchasing hardware and software to continue this experience at home. 

Need a break?
WC  available.
Cockpit for 2 pilots.
Just for pilots' jackets.
cockpit for 2 pilots
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