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Read what pilots think about this simulation. This is just the start...

Chao & Han-Lin

"My son and I took a flight session on the first day of his school holidays. The experience was amazing! We never flew before and the VR is so real. I can hear the engine's sound and feel the aircraft going up and down and turning left and right when I maneuver it. We soared over Loch Lomond area for a while and loved viewing the beautiful Loch and Mountain below and around. We then flew around New York. The whole experience was fantastic, but the best bit is definitely flying at night in New York, and the night scenery was spectacular!"



My dad is a seasoned flight sim fanatic, however he has only ever experienced his hobby in the 2D realm as he flies at home using a monitor.  When I saw the opportunity to immerse him in a virtual reality simulator I couldn’t resist.  On arrival we were greeted by our host Thorsten who was very friendly and helpful.  We were then taken into his simulator room which was very impressive.  Thorsten has two simulators sitting parallel, to give the feeling of sitting in a large aircraft cockpit.  So my dad was sitting beside me for the session.


After a quick debrief on controls and VR familiarity we were soon airborne and found ourselves flying over Arran in a couple of Spitfires.  The graphics in the sim are extremely impressive, almost photorealistic which made the vr immersion all the more unbelievable.  The headsets are also equipped with stereo speakers which add another layer of realism to the experience.At first i was just in awe looking around the cockpit, and out over the wing, getting to grips with my new environment, but it didn’t take long before I was flying close to the mountains then over Brodick and the coast.  


Following our introductory flight Thorsten then asked where in the world we would like to fly,  and what we would like to fly in.  My dad opted to see NYC in a light aircraft, i however stuck to local scenery and continued to fly around west central Scotland in a small jet, taking in Loch’s, Glen’s and attempting some interesting approaches into Glasgow airport.  


All in all I found the whole experience very enjoyable and excellent value for money. I would recommend this to anyone who has an interest in flight.  It’s certainly safer than an actual flying lesson and considerably cheaper too.  Plus the fact that the software allows you to fly in any location at any time of day, with any weather, in one of many aircraft means the possibilities are endless.


My dad also enjoyed his flights and I can see us both returning in the future to enjoy more flight adventures.  


Richard & Alan


Carol & Neils

"My first time on a flight simulator and this whole experience did not disappoint, from Booking online to meeting Thorsten and taking our flight was seamless but nothing prepared us for how amazing this was going to be, my husband and I both loved every minute of it and can't wait to come back we've already planned our next route. I highly recommend booking and experiencing this it was worth every penny."


Ken & son

Excellent experience and Thorsten was great guiding us through it. We've already booked another for relatives.


Janetta         (official first pilot)

"Flyinvrsim is a fantastic experience. If you’re an aspiring pilot or like me just love flying, this experience is so realistic you feel you are really flying. From Balmaha I took a leisurely glide over Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park but you can virtually go anywhere in the world. If it’s a dreich Scottish day, head off somewhere hot and sunny. Lots of information and instruction from Thorsten…the guy who has made this possible…a genius!"

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