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Loch Lomond flight simulator Balmaha

Fly in VR sim

 sim footage 
Flight simulator cabin

Have you heard of or tried virtual reality and do you enjoy flying?

Have you ever wanted to see earth from a bird's perspective?

Now you can with this amazing virtual reality experience - Fly in VR Sim here at Birchwood Guest Lodge in Balmaha and fly not only over Loch Lomond but everywhere you like.
Fly in VR Sim combines the latest flight simulator technology MSFS2020 with a high resolution virtual reality Pimax 8KX headset, providing an immersive wide field of view. And the latest Pimax Crystal, with the highest resolution density on the current market.
There are several different types of aircraft available, real world aircraft from gliders and piston engine planes to light aircraft and even jets.
The choice is yours, depending on altitude and flight distance and real weather conditions.
Bad weather? Even the weather and time is your choice. Watch a sunrise over the clouds.
Don't worry, you don't need piloting experience nor a licence. 


Fly over loch Lomond and the Trossachs today and enjoy the scenery like flying in an real aircraft.

Want to bring a friend or family member? The simulation can be used by two pilots simultaneously - and you can even watch on from the monitors. See one another flying or even sit together in the same aircraft.

Gliding over Loch Lomond
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